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Kayak Hire

Hire a kayak with us today.

 Kayaking allows you to explore the river and surrounding areas at your own pace. You can paddle along the river and explore the scenic shorelines, parks, and wildlife areas that surround it.

 We offer numerous pick-up and drop-off points and can supply from 2 -20 kayaks depending on your family or corporate/group hire requirements.

All kayaks are supplied with a choice of paddle; straight, offset and junior.


Typhoon Kayak Hire

Wildlife & Eco Kayak Tours - Gift Vouchers Perth

 $50.00 full day

Or part thereof, life vest & paddle included The Dimension Typhoon is designed and made in North America and is often referred to as the Cadillac of Kayaks, due to its deep moulded cockpit area unusual for a sit on top kayak this produces a comfortable seat with a solid backrest, providing ; comfort, stability and a very maneuverable kayak.

Seaflo Kayak Hire

Wildlife and Eco Kayak Tours Seaflo Kayak Hire

$45.00 full day

Or part thereof, life vest & paddle included. Suitable for kids 9 years plus. They are just 2.6 meters long, extremely stable and manoeuverable.