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Port To Pub

With the Port to Pub on this Saturday 18th of March, Pat will be a volunteer skipper for Amanda Davies who is travelling from Newcastle NSW to compete.

Find more about Amanda’s story below- We wish her the best of luck

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My name is Amanda Davies, I am 42 years old and from Newcastle NSW. I am attempting to swim the 25km ultra marathon Port to Pub Ocean Swim on the 18 March 2023. This swim is part of the Australian Triple Crown of marathon swims which I am aiming to complete over the next 12 months.

I will be travelling to Perth with my husband Anthony and two children Mia (11) and Drew (9) who will be supporting me with this swim.

I was always a strong swimmer as a child and recently took it up again as a way to support my mental well being. After 19 years with the NSW Police Force as a Detective I suffered from post traumatic stress disorder and was medically discharged from the Police.

Since being medically discharged I have discovered that police and other first responders experience higher rates of psychological distress, diagnosed mental health conditions and suicidal thinking than the general adult population. On a personal level, I have discovered that swimming, being connected to a community, establishing routine and setting goals has improved my mental health.

I am hoping that by completing this goal of achieving the Australian Triple Crown, I can raise awareness of mental health issues suffered by many first responders.

As part of the Port to Pub ocean swim I need a support paddler and skipper. I am extremely gratefully for the support given by Patrick Giles from Wildlife and Eco Kayak Tours who has volunteered his services as my skipper for the day and Chris who has volunteered to join us on kayak

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